• Authentic and Therapy based Ayurvedic Treatment for Holistic Healing and Wellness. Customised Diagnosis based on Prakriti Analysis.

  • Ayurveda follows the concept of Prakriti which means categorizing the dominance of a person’s Psychophysiological conditions.

Diseases We Treat

Ayurved combines our modern lifestyle and habits with our age-old Vedic knowledge to treat diseases. At Dr. Vandana's Ayurveda, we provide personalized treatment for everyone. Our adept team of doctors will help you to resolve any health issues from their root causality to help you lead a healthy, happy, stress-free, and disease-free life.


It’s likely to live a normal life with a balanced blood sugar level.

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Post Covid Recovery

Covid Recovery is important as there is limited evidence of conditions.

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Hair & Skin

Hair & Skin are natural beauty, So take care of them a natural way.

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It is a condition which affects the airways of the lungs.

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Joint Pain

Don't let the joint pain prevent you from enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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A migraine attack can severely affect a patient’s quality of life.

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Adapt Ayurved to live a pain-free life and heal PCOS forever.

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A condition where a woman is not able to carry or sustain a pregnancy.

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Ayurveda pursues the concept of Prakriti which means organizing the dominance of a person’s Psychophysiological conditions. It is categorized into three dosha’s namely – ‘Vata, Pitta, and Kapha’.
Prakriti is the predominance of either of a dosha and can be found out with a judgment.

Understanding your Prakriti helps you…

1.Live a healthy lifestyle yourself.
2.Understand your body, your nature, and your body’s behavior in your day-to-day habit.
3.Helps to recognize and stop any disease in its very early phase.

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Our Procedure
Ancient Ayurved in Modern Context

Ayurved is based on the preceding rules of keeping a balance between the linked relationships within body and mind. It helps a person to understand the benefits of knowing their body, mind, and its close association with Nature. The power of Nature and natural elements is inevitable in curing and reforming our life and health issues. Ayurveda is an amalgamation of nature and science that coherently leads us to the ultimate essence of life in its purest form. We at Dr. Vandana's Ayurveda implement the life of nature into you through our core knowledge and expertise.

Why Choose Us

At Dr. Vandana's Ayurveda, we believe in giving personalized treatment with customized genuine ayurvedic therapies based on the patient’s detailed Prakriti research targeting root-cause-based permanent cure.
1. Personalised Treatment
2. Prakriti & Root-Cause Analysis
3. Certified & Trained Doctors

Our Products

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Swarnprashan is one of 16 sanskaar.....dose is made from real gold bhasma when given on pushya naxatra helps in improving intellect,boosts immunity,sharpens memory and brightens skin tone

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Specially designed for cough in children. Cures cough ,improves appetite and best immunity booster

ImmunoDoc Syrup
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Warm hot decoction of these herbs helps to improve digestive disorders,joint pain and flatulence

ImmunoDoc Kadha
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Unique combination of kapha shamak herbs....helps in rhinitis,cough and cold, asthama,and other kabhi related diseases

ImmunoDoc Tablet
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Hair mask ....helps in nourishing hairs and gives them long lasting shine.When regularly used with our hair oil helps to stop hair fall

Hair Mask
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Our hair oil is unique blend of hair nourishing herbs. Absolutely no chemicals used.Makes hairs shinier,smoother and longer when used regularly.

Hair Oil

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