What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty getting to sleep and/or staying asleep.In general, this sleep disorder can either be short-term (acute) or chronic (long-term). In addition, it can come and go.
1.Acute insomnia – An acute insomnia episode lasts between a few days and a few weeks.
2.Chronic insomnia – A person who suffers from chronic insomnia sleeps less than three times a night for three months or more.
Insomnia is called Anidra or Nidranasha in Ayurvedic terminology(the words nindra means sleep).
Anindra comes under Vata nanatmaja vikara. Essentially, kapha dosha is responsible for sleep. However, the kapha metabolic pattern decreases in the body due to several dietary and lifestyle factors. If vata dosha exceeds its normal balance and encroaches on the metabolic niche of kapha dosha, then a person may suffer from insomnia.
Interestingly, insomnia is one of the multiple vata symptoms. Therefore, Ayurveda observes that insomnia comes along with a hoard of other vata disorders like digestive problems, tiredness or fatigue, body pain, etc.

What are the causes of Insomnia?

1.Stress resulting from major life events, such as losing a job or changing jobs, losing a loved one, getting divorced, or moving
2.Noise, light, or temperature in your environment
3.A change in your sleep schedule due to jet lag, a shift change at work, or bad habits you picked up in the past
4.The genes you carry can be responsible for insomnia. An inability to sleep may run in families.
5.The following are secondary causes of insomnia:
6.Depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions
7.A variety of medications used for treating allergies, depression, hypertension, and asthma.
8.Anxiety or pain at night
9.The use of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, or illicit drugs.
10.Endocrine disorders, including hyperthyroidism
11.Sleep issues like sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome
13.Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
15.Periodic menstrual syndrome and menopause

What are the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis?

1.Daytime sleepiness
2.Chronic fatigue
4.Memory or concentration problems
5.An inability to sleep despite being tired
6.Impairment of daily activities
A heaviness and ache in the body

Ayurveda treatment for Insomnia

Prakrati parikshana

Nidana parivarjanam (avoiding etiological factors)