What is Migraine?

A migraine attack can severely affect a patient’s quality of life. We understand how you feel if you suffer from migraine

This is a headache that is not like other headaches. It is a severe neurological condition that causes excruciating headaches. Migraine comes with a slew of other incapacitating symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to loud noises and lights, and general discomfort.

What are the Causes of Migraine according to Ayurveda?

Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda defines a specific cause for migraine in terms of metabolic patterns called dosha.
There are three metabolic patterns or systems that run the body – vata, pitta and kapha. The three doshas are bio-physical energies with distinct features, and functions. Ayurveda says that a vitiation in vata or vata and kapha dosha leads to migraine.
Vata is the metabolic pattern that governs all movements inside the body, whereas kapha dosha ensures stability and nourishment. Since vata is responsible for all movement inside and outside the body; it directly influences the nervous system. However, excess vata dosha leads to nervous hyperactivity which may result in migraine.

What factors trigger migraine according to Ayurveda?

Dietary Factors

1.Excess consumption of dry food or food that causes dryness inside the body.
2.Binge eating or frequent mid-meal snacks

Lifestyle Factors

1.Forceful suppression of natural urges like urination, sneezing, etc.
2.Excessively tiring manual labor or exercise
3.Excessive indulgence in sexual activity

Environmental Factors

1.Exposure to easterly winds (cold and harsh)
2.Excessive exposure to morning dew

Types Of Migraine

Migraine with aura

In this type of migraine, there are prognostic warning signs

Migraine without aura

In this type, the migraine attack occurs suddenly without any prognostic warning signs.

Migraine Symptoms

Prodrome stage

2.Changes in mood, ranging from sadness to exhilaration
3.Hunger pangs
4.Stiffness in the neck
5.Urination is becoming more frequent.
6.Retention of fluid
7.A lot of yawning

Attack stage

2.Brain fog

Aura stage

1.Zigzag lines
2.Flashing lights
3.Fuzzy vision
4.Blind spots


You may feel fatigued, bewildered, and washed out, or even overjoyed after a few days of a migraine attack.

Our Treatment

Nidan parivarjanam (Removal of the causal factors)

Ahaar (dietary solutions)

Vihaar (lifestyle solutions)

Manas (Mental peace))